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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Registration/Service Management

R01. Register a Person


Registration is the system process that allows a user to capture and store information about participants, which includes Persons, Employers and Product Providers. Prior to the provision of services and/or benefit administration, an individual must be registered in Mobius for tracking and reporting purposes.


An individual Albertan requests services and/or benefits.

An individual has requested income support, career, training and/or employment services.

LISO or the HS Authorized Official

Performs a search in Mobius to determine if the individual exists.

If the individual is already registered, and no alerts exist in the system that would prevent registration, review and validate the new information received and update the information in Mobius, as required (SIN, Name, Address, Phone number, Employment, Education and Preliminary EI/Non-EI profile). If no record exists, will proceed to R.01.01.02(b).

No record exists: will record information in Mobius (SIN, Name, Address, Phone number, Employment, Education and Preliminary EI/Non-EI profile).  Ensure Declaration and Consent has been completed.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

Required data elements may be collected from an individual either verbally or by using a variety of tools which may include:

  • Training and Employment Service Request (EMP0016)
  • Learner Income Support Application (EM5569)
  • Skills Investment Bursary Application (EMP5571)
  • Feepayer Application (EMP5534)
  • Income Support Application (EMP3428)
  • Register a Person form (EMP3961) is a worksheet that may be used when there is no access to Mobius.