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Business Processes

Published Date: April 02, 2013
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A03. Deleting an Alert


Alerts entered in error or where the information is determined to be invalid can be deleted by a user. The status of the Alert will be ‘canceled’ and the alert will remain listed on the Previous tab.


An individual is registered in Mobius, and an Alert flag appears in the context panel of the Person information.

The Alert has been entered in error or determined to be invalid and the User wishes to delete the Alert.

Mobius User

User Edits the Alert they wish to delete to update the description to explain why the Alert is deleted (i.e. entered in error)

User selects ‘delete’ in list action menu beside the Alert they wish to delete

Alert will move to the Previous tab with no end date and a status of ‘canceled’

Business rules/criteria/standards

Alerts remain on Mobius until they are manually deleted by a user.

When an Alert is deleted, the Alert flag will disappear from the context panel of the Person information. The Alert is not physically deleted (hard delete) but will still appear in the Previous list, with a status of canceled.