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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: August 01, 2017
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19 Employer Record

Register an Employer

Registration is the process that allows for the capture and retention of information regarding employers.

Register an Employer

Prior to registering an employer, a search is to be done to ensure that a record does not already exist.

Register an Employer – Registration Menu

Anchor Point: Workspace - Shortcuts Panel - Registration.

  1. Select employer from the Registration section of the Shortcuts Panel.
  2. Enter search criteria and select Search. Results will display in the bottom half of the modal.
  3. Review the results. If no match is found, select the Next button.
  4. Complete the mandatory and required fields.
  5. Select Save. The new record will open.
  6. Update or add information as required.

Mandatory Fields
Required to save an employer record and are identified with an orange asterisk (*). These include:

Registration Date
Date the employer is entered into Mobius.

Registered Name
The legal registered name of the employer.

Trading Name
The common name used on the storefront for the public.

Industry Type
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.

Required Fields
Additional fields are required based on business processes:

Registered Address
Address listed for the Registered Name.

Business Address
Employer’s street address of store front location.

Further Details

Special Interest
Select an appropriate target group from drop down menu.

Casual Staff
Number of casual staff the employer has on staff.

Permanent Staff
Number of permanent staff the employer has on staff.

Business Description
Free text field, specific information on the goods and services the employer produces.

Size of Employer
Size based on the total number of staff employed.

Trading Details

Trading Name
Mandatory field where the common name used on the storefront for the public is entered.

Employer Type
Select from the drop down menu.

Trading Date
Not used at this time.

Service Location
Office that has completed the Employer Registration.

Industry Type
Mandatory field where the appropriate North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code is entered.

Phone Details
Multiple fields include: Type, County Code, Area Code, Phone Number and Extension.

Company Contact
Multiple fields include: Type, Name, Country Code, Area Code, Phone Number and Extension.

Payment Details
Not used at this time.

Communication Exception
Communication methods that should not be used.