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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: May 15, 2013
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15 Financials

Generate Overpayments or Underpayments

Anchor Point: Product Delivery Case Home Page
  1. From Page Action Menu, select Reassess.
  2. Enter From and To Dates. 
  3. Select Save. 
  4. Status displays as Delayed Process Pending. Refresh to change the status to display as Active.
  5. Check Over and Under Payments Tab for offsetting Benefit Overpayments and Benefit Underpayments.
  6. Select Related Cases Tab.
  7. Select individual’s Integrated Case.
  8. Select Evidence Tab.
  9. Enter and apply new Evidence to reflect the new information.
  10. Select Products Tab.
  11. Select Product Delivery Case.
  12. Status may display as Delayed Process Pending. Refresh to change the status to display as Active.
  13. Select the Over and Under Payments Tab. A Benefit Overpayment or Benefit Underpayment will be listed.
  14. Select Related Cases Tab.
  15. Select the Benefit Overpayment or Benefit Underpayment.
  16. Select User Roles Tab, designate user as Case Owner and Case Supervisor.
  17. Select Home Tab.
  18. From the Tab Action Menu, select Submit for Approval to change status to Approved.
  19. From the Tab Action Menu, select Activate the Case Online to change status to Active.
  20. Select Learner Income Support and Training Benefits Tab.
  21. Select FAD (Funding Decision) Request Tab.
  22. Select Create FAD Request.
  23. Select Reason (i.e. Change in Circumstances) from drop down menu.
  24. Select Next. A request will be listed on the Funding Assessment Decision Requests page with a status of Queued.