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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: May 15, 2013
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15 Financials

Receive a Payment

Anchor Point: Workspace Application Section
  1. Select Individual from the Searches Section of the Shortcuts Panel.
  2. Enter Search Criteria and select Search.
  3. Select name of the individual.
  4. Select Identity Tab.
  5. Select Alternative ID Page and copy individual’s Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  6. Open up new tab in Google Chrome for Mobius Financials.
  7. Select Transactions and Accounts Application Section.
  8. Expand Shortcuts Menu and Underpayments, select Receive Payment for a Person.
  9. Enter the individual’s Social Insurance Number in Reference Number field.
  10. Select Search.
  11. Select individual’s record.
  12. Enter the following information in Payment Details Section:
    • Amount: Amount returned for individual
    • Method of Receipt: Cheque
    • Effective Date: Date of the Cheque
    • Cheque Number: Cheque Number or Money Order Number
    • Date Received: Date Processed
  13. Select Save and Allocate.
  14. From the list, find corresponding overpayment for payment received. Ensure it is the correct overpayment by verifying with the Person Home Page.