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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: March 18, 2019
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14 Product Delivery Case (PDC) or Learner Income Support and Training Benefits Case

Tab Descriptions

Details main information about the Product Delivery Case.

Not used at this time.

Time period for which this Product Delivery Case is effective.

Case Participants
List of all parties involved in the Product Delivery Case.

List of the automatically generated pay slips sent out with each payment as well as the Funding Decision letters sent from this Product Delivery Case.

List of the types of funding available from the Product Delivery Case.

Case Financials
List of the payments that have already gone out from the Product Delivery Case.

Case decisions or payments can be viewed by selecting View Tab.

List of the months the individual is funded for and the amounts they will receive.

If an individual is repaying an overpayment or liability, the monthly deduction would be displayed on this tab.

Delivery Patterns
List of Delivery Patterns indicating how each nominee is paid (i.e., cheque or direct deposit)

By selecting the View List Tab, the case decisions or payments can be viewed.

FAD (Funding Decision) Requests
Includes a list of the funding decision letters that have been sent to the individual for the initial approval of funding and for any changes that occurred to their finances.

List of individuals or Product Provider(s) paid through the Product Delivery Case.

Captures information to supplement the information in the coded fields in Mobius. Notes can be modified or cancelled, but the original text is retained, except for limited circumstances (See Hard Delete Business Process).

Over and Underpayments
List of any over or underpayments the individual may have received.

Related Cases
List of the cases that a Product Delivery Case is linked to.

Status History
History of the Product Delivery Case and the changes made to it.

Create tasks associated with the individual’s Product Delivery Case.

User Roles
Lists the owner and supervisor of the Product Delivery Case.

Not used at this time.