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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: May 15, 2013
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12 Evidence

Evidence is recorded information about the individual, their circumstances and activities. It is used to determine eligibility for benefits and calculate the amount an individual is eligible to receive.

Evidence types include:

Integrated Case Evidence
Used to determine the Core Essential amount awarded to the household (e.g. Household Members or Client Funding Type).

Core Benefits
Core Shelter evidence.

Training Benefits
Benefits related to the cost of facilitating the program or service (e.g. tuition and books).

Continuous Supplementary Benefits
Benefits issued for more than one month during a program or service (e.g. childcare).

Apprentice Only
Benefits that can only be issued to those whose Client Funding Type is Apprentice (e.g. Apprentice Training Travel).

Non-Continuous Supplementary Benefits
Benefits issued for only one month during a program or service (e.g. children’s school expenses).

Create Evidence

Apply Evidence

Adding or Editing Training Benefit Cost Adjustment Evidence

Edit Evidence (Corrections)

Modify Evidence (Changes)