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Mobius User Guide

Published Date: July 13, 2017
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02 Navigation

All navigation throughout Mobius is done by using the hyperlinks, tabs and functions available on the webpage.

Do not
use the navigation tools (Back Button) in your browser as this will create issues behind the scenes, and may duplicate entries on some pages.

System Banner
The top banner of Mobius includes your user role, username, settings preferences, log out button and a help function. Searching by client reference number can be done using the search function in the upper right hand corner.

System Sections

  • Home
  • Workspace
  • Inbox
  • Calendar

User Home Page

Content Area
The area below the System Banner contains pods that are quick displays of commonly used areas or functions within Mobius. Each pod in the User Home Page is a link to client information or commonly used functions. The pods available are:

  • Quick Links
  • Available Tasks
  • My Current Cases
  • My Tasks
  • My Task Queries
  • My Appointments
  • Recent Notifications

To customize your personal view, select the Customize button in the upper right corner of the Content Area. Each pod can be selected or de-selected. Select Save to save the changes. Pods can also be re-arranged into a preferred order by selecting the pod and dragging it to a new location within the content page.

Workspace Section

Shortcuts Panel
Located on the left side of the screen, the Shortcuts Panel can be expanded or minimized using the toggle (the triangle shaped button). It contains three section for commonly used functions:

  • Searches 
  • Registration
  • Cases

Tab Title Bar
The first row of tabs under the banner. When another tab is opened, the original tab remains open. The tabs can be closed manually. If the tabs are left open overnight, the system will close them.

Context Panel
Under the Tab Title Bar, the Context Panel contains basic information about the person/case/plan.

Navigation Bar
The tabs located directly under the Context Panel that keep information organized in manageable groups by topic.

Navigation Panel
Under the Navigation Bar, the Navigation Panel is on the left side and contains a list of pages associated with the tab selected on the Navigation Bar.

Tab Content Page
Displays below the Navigation Bar and to the right of the Navigation Panel (if applicable). Contains the details associated with the selected page/tab.

Expandable Lists/Toggle Arrow
A triangle shaped button that enables the user to expand or compress areas of the screen to provide more details or working space.

Action Menu

  • Tab - located on the right side, below the Tab Title Bar and above the Context Panel
  • Page - located on the right side, at the top of the Tab Content Page
  • List - located on the right side of a list

Action Menus have a green arrow on the button. These menus provide a list of actions that can be taken. (e.g. edit, save, delete, approve)

Inbox Application Section
This area is used to manage tasks and notifications.

Calendar Section
The Calendar is specific to the user that is logged into Mobius. It does not connect with Outlook or any other email or calendar program. This is not used.

Mobius 6.0 Navigation Quick Reference Guide