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Income and Employment Supports Regulations

Published Date: July 13, 2016
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Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation

Section 1 General

  1. The following financial resources are exempt from a determination of financial resources under this Regulation:

        a.    the Working Income Tax Benefit;

                     (a.1) a Canada Child Benefit;

        b.    a Canada Child Tax Benefit; 

        c.    a Goods and Services Tax Credit; 

        d.    an Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit;

        e.    a Universal Child Care Benefit payment;  

        f.    an amount withdrawn from a Registered Disability Savings Plan;

        g.    a property insurance settlement if, in the opinion of the Director, the property is replaced or repaired or  the settlement is otherwise used as permitted by the Director and within a reasonable time; 

        h.    a payment received from the Government of Alberta to purchase services to enable a disabled member of the household unit to live in the community; 

        i.     a payment received from the Government of Alberta to reimburse living expenses of a person who is living with but who is not a member of the household unit; 

        j.     a payment from the Government of Alberta to supplement rent costs as permitted by the Minister; 

        k.    a payment received from a management body under the Alberta Housing Act for the payment of a utility other than electricity; 

        l.     a payment received from the Government of Canada or the Government of Alberta or under a program of one of them 

                  i.  to protect consumers from high energy costs, or 
                 ii.  for home repairs or renovations;

       m.    a grant or loan received from the Government of Canada, a Province of Canada, a provincial agency or a non profit organization to start a business, except for any portion that represents a living allowance; 

        n.    a financial benefit received under the Victims of Crime Act, except for any portion received for lost income; 

        o.    a loan received from a financial institution, except for 

                  i.  a student loan that is not considered student funding as defined in section 1 of this Regulation, or 
                 ii.  a loan required by the Director to exempt an asset under section 1(2)(b) or 2(3)(b) of Schedule 1;

        p.    an award or prize received for outstanding academic or community achievement in an amount equal to or less than an amount determined by the Minister per member of the household unit;

        q.    cash gifts of a non recurring nature to a maximum value determined by the Minister; 

        r.    a payment of a non recurring nature received from a First Nation that is paid equally to each member on the First Nation’s band list;

        s.    a payment made to a First Nation under an agreement with the Government of Canada for a specific land claim (surrender), as to the extent permitted by the Minister;

       s.1   a payment received from the Tsuu T'ina First Nation as a result of the Final Agreement dated November 27, 2013 between Tsuu T'ina Nation and Her Majesty the Queen in right of Alberta and that is paid equally to each member on the Tsuu T'ina First Nation band list;

        t.    child support payable under a court order or support agreement received for a person who is not a dependent child;

        u.    arrears of child support that the Government of Alberta is not entitled to receive under section 31 of the Act; 

        v.    a refund of a deposit provided for a utility or a rented principal residence; 

       w.    a payment from a landlord to cover the actual cost of moving to a new principal residence;

        x.    a payment received from the Government of Canada or a Province of Canada to compensate for a harm done and received as a member of a class, to the extent exempted by the Minister; 

        y.    any other payment received from the Government of Canada or a Province of Canada, to the extent exempted by the Minister.
  2. Where in the opinion of the Director the amount of an academic award or prize referred to in subsection (1)(p) is more than the amount determined by the Minister under that subsection and has been received in respect of more than one year, the Director may apportion the amount over the number of years in respect of which the prize or award was given.