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Income and Employment Supports Regulations

Published Date: March 23, 2012
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Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation

Part 1 Income Support and Benefits and Training Benefits

Division 3 Learner Household Units, Budgetary Requirements, Section 56 Training benefit

  1. In this section,


    1. “contract based training program” means an approved training program in which the training provider is funded directly by the Minister to provide training to a learner, but does not include a tuition based program as defined in the Training Provider Regulation (AR 186/2011);


    2. “mandatory fees” means flat rate charges in an approved training program for libraries, technology, laboratories and any other facilities the use of which is necessary to both assist in instruction and program completion, but does not include tuition fees and fees for health and dental benefits;


    3. “student association fees” means the fees that are payable to a students association for student association activities, but does not include fees for health and dental benefits.


  2. For the purpose of sections 9(a) and 11 of the Act, the prescribed fees are mandatory fees and student association fees.


  3. For the purpose of sections 9(d) and 11 of the Act, enrolment in a contract based training program is a training benefit.


  4. Subject to subsection (5), the Minister may determine the amount or value of training benefits under sections 9 and 11 of the Act and the circumstances under which the benefits may be provided to or on behalf of a learner member for the training period.


  5. The amount or value of training benefits that may be provided in a month to or on behalf of a learner member is the amount of the training benefits payable in that month less, if applicable, the amount by which A exceeds B


A is the projected financial resources of the household unit determined under section 50 for that month plus any excess of certain assets available in that month;

B is the projected budgetary requirements determined under section 51 payable to the household unit for that month.