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Income and Employment Supports Regulations

Published Date: August 01, 2011
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Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation

Part 1 Income Support and Benefits and Training Benefits

Division 1 Designation of Household Units and Household Members, Section 9 Expected to work or working

  1. A household unit may be designated as an expected to work or working household unit if the household unit is not eligible to be designated under sections 5 to 8.

  2. The adult members of a household unit designated as expected to work or working are designated as expected to work or working, and for greater certainty may include an adult member who, in the opinion of the Director, is able to work but is temporarily unavailable to work because of

    1. a temporary health problem of 6 months’ duration or less,

    2. being the primary caretaker of a child 12 months old or younger, or

    3. any other circumstances determined by the Director that make the member temporarily unavailable for work.