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Income and Employment Supports Regulations

Published Date: August 01, 2011
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Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation

Part 4 Appeals

Section 91 Training provider - appeals

  1. An amount owing to the Government under section  22(f), (g) or (i) of the Act by a training provider and an administrative penalty imposed on a training provider under section  24 of the Act may be appealed by serving the Minister with a notice of appeal within 30 days of receiving the notice referred to in section 25(2) of the Act.

  2. For the purposes of hearing appeals referred to in subsection (1), the Minister may

    1. establish an appeal panel under section 47 of the Act to hear the appeal, or

    2. designate an existing body to hear the appeal.

  3. The appeal panel or body may, after reviewing the Director’s decision, may confirm, vary or reverse the decision.

  4. The decision of the appeal panel or body, as the case may be, is final.