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Income and Employment Supports Regulations

Published Date: September 01, 2011
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Training Provider Regulation

Section 2 Approval of training programs

  1. The Director may

    1. establish criteria for and procedures for the approval of training programs generally and for training programs within a category established under clause (b),
    2. establish categories of training programs for the purposes of this Regulation including, without limitation, full time learner and part time learner training program categories, and
    3. subject to subsection (3), approve a training program that meets the applicable criteria in accordance with the applicable procedures.

  2. The Director may approve a training program subject to the terms and conditions the Director considers appropriate.
  3. The Director may approve a training program only if

    1. the Director considers that

      1. there are employment opportunities for graduates of the proposed training program, or
      2. the program will prepare learners for further training leading to employment,


    2. the person offering to provide the training program agrees in writing to comply with

      1. this Regulation and any policies governing the proposed training program, and
      2. any terms or conditions of approval for the approved training program.