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Income and Employment Supports Regulations

Published Date: May 30, 2006
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Child and Adult Support Services Regulation

Section 4 Acting under section 30

  1. In this section, “suitable case” means that, in the opinion of the Director, after having completed an assessment of information made available to the Director by the applicant, the provision of service is appropriate.

  2. Subject to subsection (3), the Director may act under section 30 of the Act with respect to a person not receiving assistance under the Act only if, in the opinion of the Director,

    1. the person has insufficient financial resources to enable the person to make an application for determination of paternity or support or both, and

    2. the matter is a suitable case.

  3. If the Director

    1. has acted under section 29 of the Act with respect to a person, or

    2. has acted with respect to a person who had previously qualified under subsection (2)

    and the Director is no longer doing so, the Director may take such action under section 30 as is necessary for the efficient transfer of the control of the matter to the person or that person’s legal counsel, including the transfer of information that has been collected for the conduct of the matter.