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Income and Employment Supports Act

Published Date: January 01, 2019
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Part 6 Recovery and Offences (Sections 34-42)

Section 42 Regulations

  1. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations

    1. respecting an appeal relating to an amount payable under section 37(1);


    2. respecting the form and manner of providing notice for the purpose of sections 35(4) and 37(2);

      b.1  respecting repayments under section 35, including the circumstance in which the Director does not have to or must not require repayment;

    3. respecting the manner of serving a notice under section 38(5).


  2. The Minister may make regulations

    1. specifying assistance or benefits for the purpose of section 34(b);


    2. specifying the assistance for the purpose of section 35(1)(a);


    3. respecting the amount that may be deducted for the purpose of section 38(2)(c).