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Income and Employment Supports Act

Published Date: January 01, 2004
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Part 3 Training Programs and Providers (Sections 19-26)

Section 23 Audits

  1. Where the Director appoints an auditor under section 22(f), the auditor must submit the auditor’s report to the Director and to the training provider.

  2. An auditor appointed by the Director is, at all reasonable times and for any purpose related to an audit, entitled to access

    1. the books and records of the training provider, and

    2. the data processing equipment used by the training provider.

  3. The training provider must give the auditor any information, reports or explanations the auditor considers necessary.

  4. An auditor who receives information from a person whose right to disclose that information is restricted by law holds that information under the same restrictions respecting disclosure that govern the person from whom the information was received.