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Income and Employment Supports Act

Published Date: January 01, 2004
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Part 3 Training Programs and Providers (Sections 19-26)

Section 22 Remedial action

Where a training provider fails to comply with this Act or the regulations, with the terms or conditions of an approval of a training program the training provider is authorized to provide or with any term or condition of an agreement or arrangement entered into under section 20, the Director

a.  shall provide written notice to the training provider of the failure to comply and,
     if applicable, specify the period in which the failure to comply is to be remedied;

b.  may, when the failure to comply is regarding non-payment of refunds for tuition and other
     prescribed fees, withhold subsequent payments for tuition and other prescribed fees;

c.  may restrict the number of learners that a training provider may accept;

d.  may suspend or cancel the approval of training programs and any funding associated
     with them;

e.  may terminate or suspend any agreement or arrangement between the Director and
     the training provider relating to the provision of approved training programs;

f.  may appoint an auditor to audit the books and accounts of the training provider, at the
    training provider’s expense, to determine the costs associated with the failure to comply;

g.  may require the training provider to repay the costs associated with the failure to comply;

h.  may impose an administrative penalty in accordance with section 24 on the training
     provider for the failure to comply;

i.  may demand a refund or repayment of amounts paid to a training provider;

j.  may take such other measures as may be required to collect any amounts owing
    to the Government as a result of the failure to comply.