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Alberta Child Health Benefit (ACHB)

Published Date: July 01, 2010
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ACHB Coverage

The general policy on health benefits and coverage applies to the ACHB. Eligible families receive a Health Benefits Card (HBC) that provides coverage for children under 18, and 18-19 year old dependants living at home and attending school.

The following health benefits are covered through the use of the HBC:

The dental, denturist and optical agreements can be accessed on the intranet.

Other health related benefits that may be provided to Income Support recipients, such as
special diets, medical and surgical supplies, and CPAP devices are not covered under the ACHB program.

Duration of ACHB Coverage
The benefit period commences on July 1 and ends June 30 each year.

Coverage is effective from the date the ACHB application form is signed by the applicant. The ACHB program supervisor may approve retroactive coverage prior to the application date in situations where the lack of coverage would cause financial hardship. Retroactive coverage for IS or AISH leavers is from the date the IS or AISH file closed. ACHB coverage is provided until the end of the benefit period unless there is a reason for early termination.

Applications approved on or after May 1st will be provided with the benefits until June 30th of the next year, and will then be subject to the renewal process.