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General Policy

Published Date: September 30, 2011
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ISTHB Regulation, Sections 83-90 establishes Financial eligibility for health benefits.

ISTHB Regulation, Sections 75-81 lists Non-financial eligibility for health benefits and notes ineligible groups.

Applicants who request health benefits must meet all eligibility conditions, including asset and income rules of the IS program, or the income rules of the ACHB or AAHB program as applicable. Eligibility regulations or policy must not be violated to give applicants access to health benefits.

Certain groups receiving health benefits from other sources are not eligible for Community and Social Services health benefits, even though in some cases they may be eligible for IS financial benefits.

All persons who are age 65 and older must access services through Alberta Health as they are not entitled to Community and Social Services health benefits. Information and program services can be obtained through their
Seniors can also be directed to the Alberta Supports Contact Centre in Edmonton at 780‑644‑9992 or outside of Edmonton at 1‑877‑644‑9992.
Persons registered under the Indian Act and certain Innu and Inuk eligible for Health Canada health benefits:
Health Canada
provides health benefit coverage for dependant children less than one year of age of a person registered under the Indian Act, regardless of the child’s eligibility to be registered under the Act. Dependant children older than one year of age and spouses/partners are not covered by Health Canada unless they are also registered under the Indian Act.