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Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Training Benefits – Payments & Refunds

Training Benefit Payments


Income and Employment Supports Act, Section 21
Income and Employment Supports Act, Section 26
Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation, Part 1
Training Provider Regulation, Section 3(a)(b)


The Government of Alberta pays training benefits directly or indirectly on behalf of eligible learners for tuition, student association fees, mandatory fees, books and supplies.


Training providers must ensure that learners are  enrolled in the training they were approved to attend.   

If the “Notice of Payment” contains incorrect information (e.g. Learner Name, Reference ID, Start/End dates, Tuition, Mandatory Fees, Student Association Fees, Books, Supplies, Underpayment, etc.), the training provider must advise the Government of Alberta within 5 business days of receiving the “Notice of Payment” to allow for corrections to be made and to minimize over/under payments .

Training benefits are paid according to a set schedule.

Payment of Tuition, Mandatory Fees and Student Association Fees for Non-Employment Insurance (Non-EI) and Part-Time Learners
Tuition, mandatory fees and student association fees (tuition and fees) for full-time, Non-EI learners and all part-time learners are paid to training providers according to a fixed schedule:


Length of Training Session 1st Payment 2nd Payment
1-6 months First day of the session Not applicable
7-months First day of the session First day of the fourth month
8-months First day of the session First day of the fifth month
9-months First day of the session First day of the fifth month
10-months First day of the session First day of the sixth month
12-months First day of the session First day of the seventh month


Payments - Employment Insurance (EI) Learners
Tuition and fees for full-time EI-funded learners are paid to the training providers on the first day of a training session, unless the training spans the end of a calendar year. In this situation, the following year’s pro-rated balance is paid on January 1.

A learner that has been referred to a 6 month training session from August 31st to January 28th, the tuition would be paid as follows:

August 31: $1,313 (5/6 of the training is in the first calendar year; therefore, 5/6 of the total tuition is paid in August). 
January 1: $263 (1/6 of the training is in the second calendar year; therefore, 1/6 of the tuition amount will be disbursed in January).

If a learner is referred to a second six month training session from January 31st to June 24th, they will have their tuition paid as follows:
January 31: $1,575 (The entire length of the training is encompassed in a single calendar year therefore the full amount is paid on the first day of the training.)

Payments - Transitional Vocational Programs (TVP)
All training benefits are paid to the training provider for TVP.

The preferred method of payment for tuition and fees is by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).  Tuition and fees will be issued by cheque if banking information is unavailable.

Training Benefits – First Payer Rule
When a learner’s eligibility for training benefits is less than the full tuition and fees for a training session, the approved amount is paid directly to the training provider. If a subsequent financial appeal results in additional funds awarded, all additional funds up to the full amount of tuition and fees are paid directly to the training provider. The learner is responsible to pay any balance owing. Tuition and fees are charged to the fiscal year in which the payment was made. Payments scheduled for April that are paid in March, are charged to the new fiscal year.

Books and Supplies
Books and supplies are paid to the learner for both full-time and part-time learners. Full-time learners are paid according to the same payment schedule as tuition and fees. Part-time learners are paid at the beginning of each session. In exceptional cases involving distance delivery, a-synchronous, synchronous or correspondence courses, funding for books and supplies may be sent directly to the training provider. This may be requested from their designated Government of Alberta contact.