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Published Date: April 01, 2016
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How Funds Are Allocated


Income and Employment Supports Act, Section 21
Income and Employment Supports Act, Section 26
Training Provider Regulation, Section 3


The provincial Skills Investment annual program budget is allocated to the four programs (i.e., Career Information, Work Foundations, Training for Work, and Workforce Partnerships) based on provincial strategic priorities and policy direction.

As a means of managing the Skills Investments budget, the Government of Alberta utilizes a process to allocate resources from the provincial programming budget to regional programs and services. The Tuition and Prescribed Fee Allocations are part of the process where specific regional budgets are allocated to programs, delivery types and service providers.


The Tuition and Prescribed Fee Allocation is approved annually by the Minister for the period April 1st to March 31st. The allocation maximum not only includes learners starting programs April 1 and onward, but also learners who started programs in the previous fiscal year for whom a second tuition and prescribed fee payment will be made in the new fiscal year.

Tuition and prescribed fee allocations are divided into the following envelopes: Academic Upgrading, English as a Second Language, Transitional Vocational Program, Training for Work, and Part-Time.

Financial Monitoring and Management

The Government of Alberta will monitor allocations through Mobius and Mobius reports during the fiscal year.

Allocations dollars are attached to the funding envelopes. When a program referral is made, Mobius checks to ensure sufficient allocation dollars and seats are available. If either is depleted, the referral will not be committed, and the Learner Income Support Office (LISO) will be given the option to waitlist the learner and will be notified when sufficient allocations are available. Through active monitoring and management of allocations this should rarely occur.

Modifying Envelope Allocations

Previously committed allocation amounts must always be considered prior to the movement of funding between envelopes.

To modify an envelope, the Contract Services Coordinator (CSC) will send a request to Mobius Support using the Requesting New or Amendment to Product Provider (RNAPP) form. Mobius Support will advise the CSC of the outcome who will then notify LISO.
Movement of allocations from Part-Time to other envelopes is not encouraged, however if towards the end of the fiscal year funds in the Part-time envelope have not been committed, movement can be approved by the Regional Director. The CSC will request the change through Mobius Support using the RNAPP form and request a modification to the allocation. Mobius Support will advise the CSC of the outcome who will then notify LISO.

Movement of allocations between Transitional Vocational Program (TVP) envelope and other envelopes is not allowed.