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Published Date: April 01, 2016
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General Description


Government Organization Act
Income and Employment Supports Act
Grants, Donations and Loans Regulation
Income and Employment Supports Act Regulations


The goal of Alberta Works is to help unemployed people find and keep jobs in their communities, help Albertans with low income cover their basic costs of living, and help employers meet their need for skilled workers.

The Government of Alberta offers Skills Investment programs under Alberta Works to provide employment and training services for adult residents of Alberta who are:

  • unemployed
  • financially disadvantaged, and
  • in need of training to obtain and maintain sustainable employment.

Alberta Works provides Albertans with the hand-up they need to reach their full potential. Services include:

  • Employment and Training Services
  • Income Support
  • Health Benefits, and
  • Child Support Services.

Access to Skills Investment programs is available through tuition and contract based training, contracted assessment agencies, and Alberta Works Centres.

The following Accountability Policies and Procedures are one of the key accountability instruments for Skills Investment programs. The purpose of these policies is to provide further direction with regard to the administration of Skills Investment programs.

This accountability section captures policy and articulates procedures, as appropriate, related to accountability and financial management. The section also outlines the obligations and expectations of the stakeholders involved in the delivery of Skills Investment programs.

Further policy relating to Skills Investment programs and services is currently contained in Contract Management Policy and Procedures and Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES). These policy documents can be accessed in the Resources section.