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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: April 01, 2016
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General Programs and Services Eligibility

Ongoing Eligibility

Additional Time to Complete a Program Session



To maintain eligibility for funding for Employment and Training programs, learners need to attend training regularly and maintain acceptable progress. Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances, learners may require additional time to complete the training session, which occurs immediately after the training session regular end date.



If a learner cannot complete their training session by the scheduled end date, they may, in specific circumstances, be granted up to one additional month to complete that training session.

Granting additional time to complete the training session may be considered when:

  • circumstances preventing the learner from completing their training session by the regular end date are beyond their control and
  • additional time will facilitate the learner’s successful completion of the training session within one month (immediately after the regular end date of the training session).

Circumstances beyond the learner’s control causing their absenteeism may be due to illness, bereavement or other issues.

Additional time is not granted to a learner who is unable to complete their training session due to regular absenteeism.


A learner who requires additional time to complete a program session must submit a Change in Circumstances form and a revised Training Provider Information form to the Learner Income Support Office.

For more detailed procedures, please see Additional Time to Complete a Program/Session business process.