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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: May 01, 2004
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Career & Employment Information Services

Employability Assessment


Employability Assessment is a process that addresses one or more of the following:

  • career/occupational decision-making
  • skill development and/or enhancement
  • work search and/or maintenance
  • supports

An Employability Assessment includes:

  • reviewing the individual’s current situation
  • reviewing the individual’s occupational goal, as presented
  • reviewing the individual’s employment and training history
  • identifying the individual’s credentials, knowledge, skills and interests
  • identifying the individual’s occupational experience, strengths and barriers
  • identifying personal factors in an individual’s  life that may influence success in their goals
  • determining if an individual is labour market destined
  • determining whether training is required in order for the individual to remain in or to enter the labour market
  • determining if specialized supports or services are required to overcome barriers
  • creating a Service Plan

Employability Assessments are available to Albertans who are not attending an education program under the School Act (kindergarten to grade 12), who are currently participating or are intending to participate in the labour market.

The overall objective of an Employability Assessment is to help individuals improve their employability and self-sufficiency in the labour market.

An Employability Assessment may include additional activities such as:


Assessment activities may range from a 10-15 minute session to an hour and a half appointment. An SND Assessment is often the first step in determining the need for an Employability Assessment. Employability and additional activities may require more than one appointment to complete.

  • Assessment data must be entered into Mobius in accordance with Human Services standards.
  • Though it is desirable for only one Employability Assessment to be active at any given time, an individual may choose to go to more than one service provider at the same time and as a result have more than one Employability Assessment opened. If this should occur, an effective practice is to collaborate and coordinate assessment and service activities with the individual and service provider as appropriate.
  • All Employability Assessments must include an interview between the individual and Human Services Service Consultant or contracted service provider.
  • In Mobius, assessment activities are recorded on two screens:

    • Service Needs Determination Assessment
    • Employability Assessment

  • Additional related activities are recorded in the individual Service Plan.