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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: June 09, 2021
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Career & Employment Information Services

Job Placement


Job Placement Services is an element under the Career Employment and Information Services. Job Placement Services help individuals locate and obtain jobs. It connects individuals who are ready, willing and able to work with employers needing to fill jobs.

Job Placement Services are designed to support individuals to enter and re-enter the workforce as quickly as possible and to develop the job search skills needed for effective labour market transitions now and in the future.

The objectives of Job Placement Services are:

  • To connect eligible individuals seeking work with prospective employers able to provide them with employment as quickly as possible.
  • To enable employers to fill job openings and skill shortages.



  • Job Placement Services are designed to assist individuals who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for employment, but require:
    • assistance to develop or refine job search skills,
    • assistance making connections to employers, and
    • job maintenance support in order to maintain employment.

Individual eligibility for Job Placement Services:

  • Unemployed or marginally employed
  • An Alberta resident
  • Meet citizenship requirements (e.g. Canadian citizen, permanent resident or convention refugee) and be legally entitled to work and train in Canada
    • Individuals who are not eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) or Income Support will be expected to provide their own financial support while participating in Job Placement Services.

Employment Insurance (EI) Reporting Instructions

Instructions outlining the required procedure for EI eligible learners/training participants to complete their EI reporting process can be accessed through the Tools section of the Manual.

Service Providers

  • Determine whether the individual meets the eligibility requirements for Job Placement Services.
  • Ensure that access into the program is fair and transparent.
  • Deliver Job Placement Services as outlined in their contractual agreement with the Government of Alberta.
  • Meet all requirements as identified in the Government of Alberta's legislation and policies.
  • Provide individual support throughout the program.
  • Enter all required data on Mobius.

Program Components

Job Placement Services responds to the need of the individual and must have one or more of the following elements:

  • Skills analysis and generation of work options.
  • Job search techniques. Job Search techniques could include skill development in the areas of interviewing, resume writing, self-marketing, tapping into the hidden job market and/or job retention skills.
  • Job placement. Connecting individuals to available job opportunities.
  • Job maintenance and on the job support. Job maintenance can include job coaching, establishing an on-site job mentor, adjusting transportation and childcare arrangements, or mediating with the employer.


The expected outcomes of Job Placement Services are full-time or part-time employment. Part-time employment is an acceptable outcome if it has been identified as the employment goal in an individual’s Service Plan.

Specifically it is expected that:

  • At least 70% of Job Placement Services individuals who are accepted into and access these services are employed full-time 90 days (three months) after completing their Job Placement intervention.
  • At least 70% of Job Placement Services individuals who are accepted into and access these services are employed part-time 90 days (three months) after completing their Job Placement intervention.

Accountability - Performance Measures are outlined in the Alberta Works On-line Policy Manual.

Monitoring of Job Placement Services

The Government of Alberta is responsible for monitoring Job Placement Services to ensure:

  • Local practices are consistent with Government of Alberta legislation and policies
  • Providers of contract-based training follow monitoring practices consistent with policies for Risk Management outlined in Accountability and Financial Management policies
  • Any issues or concerns in provincial program policy and guidelines are addressed
  • Program policy and guidelines are adjusted where required

Monitoring Individual Participation

While the Government of Alberta retains responsibility for monitoring the program, the service provider is responsible for:

  • Monitoring the progress of the individuals according to their individual Service Plans, and
  • Adhering to Government of Alberta standard report policies and procedures as stated in their contract with the Government of Alberta

Monitoring of Service Providers

The Government of Alberta is responsible for monitoring service providers.


The Job Placement service components of skills analysis and generation of work options, job search techniques and job placement can be combined but must be no longer than 12 weeks in duration.

After a job placement has been made, job maintenance support can be provided until the employer and employee determine that this assistance is no longer required. Job maintenance does not usually exceed six months.

Procurement Method

Job Placement Services are delivered on a fee-for-service basis through contract-based service providers. Under contract-based training, a service provider is contracted to provide specific services for individuals over a specified time period for specific fees.


Individuals who cannot find employment in the 12-week period should be referred to the Government of Alberta.

Examples of job placement contracts are Job Finding Clubs, job development/placement programs for recent immigrants or people with disabilities and job placement and job maintenance support for individuals who can find a job but have difficulty maintaining employment.

Program Access/Entrance

To access Job Placement Services an individual self-refers or is referred to a service provider by the Government of Alberta. The steps in the service process are:

  • The service provider assesses the individual and identifies the range of job placement services required by the individual.
  • The individual participates fully in the Job Placement Services provided.
  • The service provider works with the individual to connect the individual to an appropriate job vacancy.
  • The employer hires the individual in a full-time or part-time job.
  • The service provider provides job maintenance support.

Program Exit

Job Placement Services conclude when the individual has been successfully connected to an employer and has started to work in a full-time or part-time position. The service provider must update the individual's Service Plan, Employment History and EI status screens.

For those individuals requiring job maintenance support, services conclude at the six-month period or whenever the individual and the employer feel the issues are resolved, whichever comes first.