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Published Date: June 09, 2021
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Ready Willing and Able


Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation, Section 40(1)(c)


Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) is part of the eligibility criteria for a learner.  The purpose of this eligibility criterion is to determine if an individual is ready, willing and able to make the commitments to successfully complete training.

Individuals must have:

  • realistic expectations of themselves and the workplace
  • sufficient stability in their personal and family lives, and 
  • adequate decision-making, life management skills, and basic skills


An individual accepted into a training program must meet the suitability requirements of a learner under the Income Support, Training and Health Benefits (ISTHB) Regulation.

RWA ensures an individual has made an informed choice about their career, training and employment goals.

Additional considerations for determining RWA include:

  • the individual has a realistic view of self and is motivated toward learning and goals
  • the individual has researched occupational and training options 
  • the individual is aware of the labour market demand for their occupational and training goals 
  • the individual has developed an appropriate training plan aimed at achieving their occupational goal 
  • the individual does not have significant barriers which may preclude them from obtaining training and employment success 
  • appropriate strategies and supports are in place to support a successful training outcome
  • the financial support available will be sufficient to meet the individual’s needs while in training

Authorized Training Providers

Authorized training providers can use their institution’s training program admission criteria to determine if an individual is RWA.


RWA is a mandatory Plan Item outlined in an individual’s Service Plan when an individual requires training to obtain and maintain sustainable employment.