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Published Date: June 09, 2021
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Reduced Course Load


To enable persons with disabilities, who are unable to attend an educational institution on a full time basis due to their disability to obtain full time learner benefits while taking a minimum of a 40% course load.


To be considered as a full-time learner while participating in a reduced course load, an individual must have a documented chronic or permanent disability, including an assessment by a medical or other professional indicating that the learner must reduce their course load due to their disability.

Persons with disabilities who require a reduced course load (minimum of 40% of a full course load) may receive up to 50 funded months of training benefits to complete their Service Plan.


The following procedures apply:

  • Where indicated, a referral must be made to a Government of Alberta official having the authority to approve a Reduced Course Load.
  • Results of the request for a Reduced Course Load must be documented in the Service Plan in Mobius.


To record the decision on granting Reduced Course Load to learners, see Business Process.