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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Career & Employment Information Services

Service Management


Service Management activities are provided to all individuals participating in full-time Alberta Works programs.

Service Management activities are the responsibility of a Government of Alberta Authorized Official.

Service Management provides support to an individual during implementation and progression through their individual Service Plan.  This includes:

  • maintaining contact and providing supports to the individual,
  • reviewing how well the individual's needs are being met,
  • reviewing attendance in training and progress toward completion of programs and activities (as outlined in the Service Plan),
  • identifying issues that are affecting the individual's ability to successfully complete steps (as outlined in the Service Plan),
  • providing needed supports directly, or referring them to appropriate community services,
  • following up to confirm completion of the Service Plan, and
  • relaying outcome information at the required interval(s) as specified by the Government of Alberta.


Service Management procedures are outlined in the Mobius User Guide.