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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: August 01, 2010
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Career & Employment Information Services

Service Needs Determination Assessment


A Service Needs Determination Assessment (SND) includes identifying an individual’s need for information, career, training and employment services, and financial and non-financial support. It also determines the need for an Employability Assessment and additional activities. An SND Assessment is available to Albertans who are not attending an education program under the School Act (kindergarten–grade 12).
  • Assessment is key to providing the most effective services, supports and programs related to an individual’s needs.
  • The primary focus of the SND is to determine, in collaboration with the individual, the actions needed to manage their career development. One of the outcomes may be that financial support is required to assist the individual to follow through on their Service Plan.
  • An SND Assessment is collaborative, individualized, goal directed and focused on strengths and abilities. The process must reflect commitment and mutual accountability to identify activities leading towards employment goals.

Objectives of an SND Assessment are to:

  • assist individuals in determining their service, program and/or financial need
  • assist individuals to identify career and employment services that would be of value to them
  • assess the presenting circumstances to determine if an Employability Assessment is required
  • increase individual awareness of services available within their community
  • assist individuals in creating Service Plans
  • make referrals as appropriate.

SND Assessments are provided by Government of Alberta service officials and service providers as per their Government of Alberta agreement.


An SND Assessment records the Reason for Contact and the Identified Needs in Mobius. As a result of the SND Assessment, a Service Plan may be created to record the goal, plan items, timeframes and responsibilities agreed to by the individual and the Government of Alberta's service official and/or the service provider.