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Published Date: May 10, 2012
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Career & Employment Information Services

Specialized Client Assessment


A Specialized Client Assessment is an “in depth” analysis of a client’s educational, vocational, medical, intellectual, or psychological capabilities. It is conducted by persons certified to confirm the nature of the disability and to make recommendations for accommodations or supports required by the client to enable them to participate in education or labour market training programs and to obtain and maintain employment.

The intent of a Specialized Client Assessment is:

  • to assess, or confirm the presence of a suspected disability(s) that may affect career, skills development and employment choices and need
  • to identify individual strengths and disability related limitations that may affect career choice, skills development methods, and employment outcomes and performance
  • to provide documentation (where required) for a Career and Employment Consultant to review eligibility and potential supports for Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES) and Disability Study Grant (DSG)


A Specialized Client Assessment is available to Albertans who are not attending an education program under the School Act (kindergarten – grade 12), have been referred for a Specialized Assessment by a Government of Alberta Authorized Official and are willing to participate in the assessment.

A chartered psychologist may conduct a Specialized Assessment on behalf of the Government of Alberta or occupational therapist or other professional to provide additional information required to complete an employability assessment.

The Government of Alberta may enter into a contractual agreement with education, training and or service providers to provide specialized assessment services. The contract will identify the specific services to be provided for Government of Alberta clients over a specific time period for a specific fee. The Government of Alberta standard contracting procedures apply.


  • Conduct initial interview(s) with the client.
  • Confirm that there is permission and approval from the client regarding follow through with the development of the Service Plan.
  • Confirm the client can benefit from education or labour market training to obtain work.
  • Use information from previous assessments where applicable, and determine whether additional information from a Specialized Assessment is needed.
  • Confirm that the client requires and can benefit from a Specialized Assessment, through consultation with colleagues, and with one or more of the Specialized Assessment providers.