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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Training for Work

Training for Work provides full-time and part-time occupationally focused training opportunities enabling individuals to get a job and substantially improve their employment situation or adapt to changing labour conditions or gain skills to sustain employment. Program elements include:
  • Alberta Job Corps – an employment/training program that provides work-place experience and training for individuals who have demonstrated they are unable to get or maintain work in the competitive labour market.

  • Integrated Training – skills-based training that combines academic and general employability skills with occupation-related skills.

  • Occupational Training – training that is occupation-specific and may include work experience.

  • Part-Time Training – funding for part-time course(s) available for academic upgrading or occupation-specific programs for people who want to improve their educational level and occupational skills while continuing to work.

  • Self-Employment – training that facilitates entry into self-employment by offering individuals formal instruction on business plan development, business counseling, coaching and guidance.

  • Transition to Employment Services (TES) – designed for participants to acquire workplace and occupational skills to facilitate rapid attachment or re-attachment to the labour market. Services include Employment Placement and Supports, Job Matching and Unpaid Work Exposure.

  • Transitional Vocational Program – training and work experience to assist individuals with a developmental disability to obtain and maintain employment and gain independence.

  • Workplace Training – worksite training provided by an employer.


Alberta Job Corps

Integrated Training

Occupational Training

Part-Time Training


Transition to Employment Services

Transitional Vocational Program (TVP)

Workplace Training