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Child Support Services Policy

Published Date: April 26, 2011
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06 Other Client Groups

Non-EI Learners

IESA Section 28 


To ensure Non-EI Learners have appropriate access to Child Support Services (CSS) according to legislative authority, program policy and CSS guiding principles.


Non-EI Learners are assistance clients as defined under Section 28(a) of the Income and Employment Supports Act (IESA). The Child Support Worker (CSW) follows the case management policy and procedures for Income Support.

For training programs commencing August 1, 2010 or later, Non-EI Learners (Single Parents and Blended Families) are required to complete the EMP 5578 Child Support Services Schedule 7 with their learner application.

MEP Registration
Non-EI Learners are registered at MEP with a Crown Interest. This registration means the payments are directed to the Non-EI Learner while ensuring the Non-EI Learner will maximize the amount of support they receive during their training period.

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