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Child Support Services Policy

Published Date: April 23, 2010
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06 Other Client Groups



To help eligible families with low income:
  • Achieve and/or maintain their independence
  • Obtain additional income to benefit their children
  • Have access to CSS.

To encourage all parents to financially provide for their children.


In addition to providing CSS to persons in receipt of assistance, legislative authority also enables the Director to provide CSS to other eligible Albertans with low income. All families eligible for CSS receive services according to their presenting circumstances.

The CSS program receives referrals from financial workers for:

CSS may also receive referrals from the financial workers for clients receiving one-time issue benefits, or these clients may self-refer to CSS.

As the above client groups are in receipt of assistance, the Director has their right to support and the CSW can undertake all activities required to obtain, vary or enforce child support. Albertans receiving assistance do not need to meet any other eligibility criteria and CSS involvement can continue until a support order or agreement is obtained, even after their assistance files close.

Other Albertans with low income who self refer to CSS must meet suitability and income eligibility requirements to access CSS.

The CSS authority for other Albertans with low income is not as extensive as for assistance clients and the CSW cannot undertake the same type of activities for these applicants.