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Child Support Services Policy

Published Date: September 25, 2006
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General Policy

AISH Act Section 13
IESA Part 5 and Section 6
ISTHB Regulation, Section 82


To provide an overview of Child Support Services (CSS) authorities to help persons on assistance obtain child support.


Children may be in the care and control of some one who is not a parent of the child. The Child Support Worker (CSW) provides child support action when the children are dependants on the caregiver’s assistance file.

A person with care and control of the child is not required to be a legal guardian in order for the CSW to provide CSS.

IESA Part 5 provides the authority to pursue support for clients receiving assistance and their dependent child(ren), and to direct support payments to the Crown.

The CSW assesses each referral. Support action is pursued on all appropriate clients.

Referred clients must co-operate with the CSW in order to maintain their assistance eligibility. [IESA Section 6(2)(d)] [ISTHB Regulation, Section 82] [AISH Act Section 13]

When a client is unwilling to co-operate with the CSW, their assistance benefits can be denied or suspended by the financial worker.