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Child Support Services Policy

Published Date: September 25, 2006
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03 Case Management




To inform the respondent they have been named in a child support action.  


CSW Responsibilities

The Child Support Worker (CSW) contacts the respondent to:

  • Arrange an assessment interview, or
  • Conduct an assessment by telephone or via the mail if a personal interview is not possible, and
  • To request respondent financial disclosure.

The recommended guideline to contact or attempt to contact the respondent is within 10 working days of locating the respondent.

Method of Contact

The contact is arranged by:

  • The applicant. If the applicant has a good relationship with the respondent, the CSW may ask the applicant to arrange the assessment interview between the CSW and the respondent. Or
  • The CSW when the applicant does not wish to be part of the contact process. The CSW attempts to contact the respondent by letter or phone. When possible this initial contact is followed up with an assessment interview.

When contact is attempted by letter, the CSW brings forward the file for 10 working days to ensure follow-up action is initiated.

Non-responsive Respondent

If the respondent does not reply to the contact letter within 10 working days, the CSW prepares the case for court action.