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Child Support Services Policy

Published Date: September 25, 2006
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03 Case Management



CASS Regulation Section 5
IESA Section 49(4) and (5)

The Child Support Worker (CSW) has the authority to obtain information for locate purposes. The Income And Employment Supports Act (IESA) and the Child and Adult Support Services (CASS) Regulation do not make disclosure from a source mandatory.


To ensure Child Support Services (CSS) undertakes respondent locate activities according to legislative and appropriate delegated authorities.


CSW Responsibilities

The CSW:

  • Is responsible for attempting to locate the respondent [CASS Regulation Section 5(a)]
  • Attempts to locate the respondent immediately following the assessment interview with the applicant
  • Obtains the respondent’s address and telephone number for contact purposes
  • When it is determined the respondent cannot be located by utilizing all available resources within three months of initiating locate activities, closes the CSS file