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Child Support Services Policy

Published Date: March 01, 2007
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02 Goals, Principles, Authorities and Responsibilities

Program Principles

The following principles guide CSS staff:
  • Albertans with low income are entitled to receive the services required to help them become self-reliant
  • CSS supports parents to support their children
  • Parents are responsible for providing financial support, to the best of their ability, for their dependent children
  • Dependent children have the right to be supported by both parents
  • When the other parent has no current potential to pay support a finding of parentage will help parents with low income obtain future child support
  • The best interests of the family come first
  • Services are provided in the least intrusive or disruptive manner: Negotiation and agreement is the preferred course of action
  • Appropriate referrals to other government or community agencies help families meet their full potential