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AISH Program Policy

Published Date: January 02, 2020
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Personal Benefits


Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act, sections 3(1)(a) and 3.2; Schedule 1, section 7
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped General Regulation, sections 2(c), 2.01(1)(d)(ii), 2.01(2)(b), and 8; Schedule 3 section 9
MO-2018-21 - Personal Benefit Rates and Frequencies


To assist clients with moving expenses in certain situations.


In order to receive a personal benefit, the eligibility criteria as outlined in the Personal Benefits section must be met.

AISH provides a moving benefit to assist clients with the costs related to establishing a new principal residence in certain situations.

The moving benefit covers the actual costs of moving within Alberta or Canada if a client does not have the necessary help or resources to carry out a move on their own. The most cost-effective alternative must be used. A moving benefit may only be provided in the following situations:

  • The client or their cohabiting partner have confirmed full time employment in Canada that assures the client’s reasonable future financial independence;
  • The client is required to move to a residence that is adapted for the disability of the client or their dependent child;
  • As confirmed by a physician, the current residence is endangering the health or safety of the client or their dependent child;
  • The client or a client’s dependent child is escaping abuse; or
  • The client is moving to another province for financial or social support.

AISH also provides a travel benefit as part of the moving benefit in certain situations.


  • Clients substantiate the cost of moving by providing a written estimate from the vendor.
  • If the client is requesting professional moving costs and packing, a letter from the Physician is required, which identifies that due to the medical condition, the client is unable to self-move or pack.

  • Substantiation for Adapted Residence
    Verbal statement from the client identifying the adaptations. Documentation from the landlord and/or physician may also be requested.

  • Substantiation for Endangering their Health
    A doctor’s letter identifying how the current accommodation is endangering the client’s or dependent child's health.

  • Substantiation for Confirmed Employment
    A written confirmation from the client’s employer.

  • Substantiation for Moving Out of Province for Financial or Social Support
    Verbal or written confirmation that the client is moving out of province to access financial or social supports.

AISH Workers may request additional documentation if the AISH Worker deems it necessary.


Actual most economical cost of the following:

  • Moving household goods;
  • Moving appliances and furniture;
  • Reasonable hotel or motel, and meals if essential to the move;
  • Gas, insurance, rental truck or trailer deposits;
  • Professional moving company, only if a self-move is not reasonable; or
  • Packing, only if a client is unable to pack due to the medical condition and no other member of the family is able to assist.