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AISH Program Policy

Published Date: March 01, 2014
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Personal Benefits


Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act, sections 3(1)(a), 3.2(1)(d)(ii) and 3.2(2)(b); Schedule 1, section 7
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped General Regulation, sections 2(c) and 8; Schedule 3 section 9
MO-2018-21 - Personal Benefit Rates and Frequencies


To assist clients with moving expenses in certain situations.


In order to receive a personal benefit, the eligibility criteria as outlined in the Personal Benefits section must be met.

AISH provides a moving benefit to assist clients with the costs related to establishing a new principal residence in certain situations.

The moving benefit covers the actual costs of moving within Alberta or Canada if a client does not have the necessary help or resources to carry out a move on their own. The most cost-effective alternative must be used. A moving benefit may only be provided in the following situations:

  • The client or their cohabiting partner have confirmed full time employment in Canada that assures the client’s reasonable future financial independence;
  • The client is required to move to a residence that is adapted for the disability of the client or their dependent child;
  • As confirmed by a physician, the current residence is endangering the health or safety of the client or their dependent child;
  • The client or a client’s dependent child is escaping abuse; or
  • The client is moving to another province for financial or social support.

AISH also provides a travel benefit as part of the moving benefit in certain situations.

Moving Rate

Actual most economical cost of the following:

  • Moving household goods;
  • Moving appliances and furniture;
  • Reasonable hotel or motel, and meals if essential to the move;
  • Gas, insurance, rental truck or trailer deposits;
  • Professional moving company, only if a self-move is not reasonable; or
  • Packing, only if a client is unable to pack due to the medical condition and no other member of the family is able to assist.