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Published Date: June 29, 2021
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News and Updates (ETW/BFE)

Policy Manual Update / Memo Title Effective Date
IS-ETW/BFE-2021-008 Temporary Absence Clarification 29/06/21
IS-ETW/BFE-2021-007 Treatment of the Memorial Grant Program payments as Income and Assets 13/05/21
IS-ETW/BFE-2021-006 Treatment of Canada Recovery Benefits 03/05/21
IS-ETW/BFE-2021-005 Treatment of the Critical Worker Benefit as Income and Assets 29/04/21
IS-ETW/BFE-2021-004 Treatment of payments from the Heroes Fund, COVID Self-Isolation Payment, Enoch Cree Nation Yekau Lake Settlement, and Working Parents Benefit 12/04/21
IS-ETW/BFE-2021-003 Treatment of Canada Recovery Benefits 03/03/21
IS-ETW/BFE-2021-002 Treatment of the Canada Emergency Student Benefit, Federal One-Time Payment to Persons with Disabilities, and the Healthy Food Prescription Program Payment 26/01/21
IS-ETW/BFE-2021-001 Appeal Policy Reorganization 18/01/21
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-029 Clarification of Persons Involved in the Justice System Policy 17/12/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-028 Delegation Summary 17/12/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-027 Updates to the Structure of the Policy Manual 03/12/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-026 Policy Manual Update - Access to Information and Protection of Privacy 03/12/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-025 Changes to the Residential Addiction Treatment Benefit 06/11/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-024 Email Communication 23/09/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-023 Supplementary Benefit Policy Clarification 09/10/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-022 Assignment of Benefits (AoB) Policy Update 09/09/20
IS-MEMO-2020-006 July 2020 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 29/06/20
IS-MEMO-2020-005 June 2020 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 29/05/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-021 Communication with Delivery Supports 15/05/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-020 Verbal Authorization for Assignment of Benefits (AOB) 12/05/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-019 Requests for IT Changes and Ad Hoc Data 30/04/20
IS-MEMO-2020-004 May 2020 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 30/04/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-018 Overpayments due to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) 26/04/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-017 Treatment of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) as a Financial Resource 26/04/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-016 Federal Indian Day Schools (McLean) Settlement Agreement: Treatment of Individual Payments as Income and Assets 17/04/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-015 Issuing Residential Addictions Treatment Benefit 16/04/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-014 Funeral Benefits 09/04/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-013 Use of Repayment Agreements 01/04/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-012 Changes to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Policy 01/04/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-011 18 and 19 Year Old Dependants 31/03/20
IS-MEMO-2020-003 April 2020 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 31/03/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-010 Treatment of the Alberta Child and Family Benefit as Income 24/03/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-009 Temporary Overpayment Delegations due to COVID-19 24/03/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-008 IS Policy Updates Regarding COVID-19 18/03/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-007 One-Time Issue Policy Clarification 17/03/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-006 Refugee and Refugee Claimants 11/03/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-005 Treatment of Individual Compensation Payments as Income and Assets 11/03/20
IS-MEMO-2020-002 March 2020 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 27/02/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-004 New Policy Section on Income and Other resources for households with a member 65 years or older. 31/01/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-003 High Volume Drug Use 30/01/20
IS-MEMO-2020-001 February 2020 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 29/01/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-002 Treatment of Income when Determining On-Going Assistance 17/01/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2020-001 Income Support Indexing Suspension 02/01/20
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-032 Refugees and Refugee Claimants 19/12/19
IS-MEMO-2019-015 January 2020 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 17/12/19
IS-MEMO-2019-014 2019 Holiday Office Closure
2020 Monthly Cut-Off Schedule for IS Central Payments
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-031 Veterans Affairs Canada Pain and Suffering Compensation and Additional Pain and Suffering Compensation Payments: Treatment as Financial Resources and Assets 28/11/19
IS-MEMO-2019-013 December 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 25/11/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-030 Treatment of Canada Workers Benefit Payments 15/11/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-029 The Notice of Eligibility form (EMP2004) is no longer mandatory during the application process. 05/11/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-028 18 and 19 Year Old Dependent Children – Academic Upgrading 30/10/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-027 Changes to Income Policies 30/10/19
IS-MEMO-2019-012 November 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 25/10/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-026 Missanabie Cree First Nation Treaty Land Entitlement Settlement Agreement: Treatment of Per Capita Distribution Payments as a Financial Resource and an Assets 24/10/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-025 Overpayments as a Result of Retroactive Payments 02/10/19
IS-MEMO-2019-011 October 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 24/09/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-024 Child Supplement Allowance 06/09/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-023 Overpayments 27/08/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-022 Continuous and Non-Continuous Needs 26/08/19
IS-MEMO-2019-010 September 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/08/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-021 Supplementary Health Benefits 08/08/19
IS-MEMO-2019-009 TCIS/SPI IVR System Outage 08/08/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-020 Opening a Bank Account without Identification 06/08/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-019 Maximum Core Shelter and Variations to Core Shelter 31/07/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-018 Blood Tribe Mismanagement of Assets Specific Claim Settlement Agreement: Treatment of Per Capita Distribution Payments as Income and Assets  25/07/19
IS-MEMO-2019-008 August 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message  25/07/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-017 Determining Eligibility for Albertans Who Have an Alcohol or Drug Addiction 23/07/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-016 Legal Services Supports - Appeals 11/07/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-015 Rounding Rule 09/07/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-014 Maximum Core Essential and Variations to Core Essential 04/07/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-013 Duplicate Persons in CCD / LISA 28/06/19
IS-MEMO-2019-007 July 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/06/19
IS-MEMO-2019-006 June 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 27/05/19
IS-MEMO-2019-005 May 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 24/04/19
IS-MEMO-2019-004 April 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/03/19
IS-MEMO-2019-003 March 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/02/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-011 Notifying the Appeals Secretariat of a Security Concern prior to the Appeal Hearing 23/01/19
IS-MEMO-2019-002 February 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 18/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-010 Communicating with Delivery Supports and other Corporate Resources 08/01/19
IS-MEMO-2019-001 Changes to Canada Pension Plan Benefits 07/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-009 Supplementary Benefit Rate Changes 01/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-008 Personal Needs Allowance 01/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-007 Comforts Allowance and Personal Benefit - Family Violence Shelter 01/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-006 Overpayments 01/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-005 Underpayments 01/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-004 Core Shelter Rate Increase 01/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-003 Core Essential Rate Increase 01/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-002 Liquid Asset Test 01/01/19
IS-ETW/BFE-2019-001 Amendments to the Income and Employment Supports Act and Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation Resulting from An Act to Combat Poverty and Fight for Albertans with Disabilities 01/01/19
IS-MEMO-2018-014 January 2019 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 18/12/18
IS-MEMO-2018-013 2018 Holiday Office Closure
2019 Monthly Cut-Off Schedule for IS Central Payments
IS-MEMO-2018-012 December 2018 Calgary Region Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 27/11/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-011 Treatment of Calgary Dollars and Cochrane Dollars 19/11/18
IS-MEMO-2018-011 November 2018 Calgary Region Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/10/18
IS-MEMO-2018-010 November 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/10/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-010 Lubicon Lake Band No. 453 Treaty 8 Lands and Benefits Claim Settlement Agreement: Treatment of Per Capita Distribution Payments as Income and Assets 25/10/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-009 Signature Verification Program Discontinued with Connect First Credit Union 28/09/18
IS-MEMO-2018-009 October 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 24/09/18
IS-MEMO-2018-008 September 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 27/08/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-008 Liquid Asset Test 20/08/18
IS-MEMO-2018-007 August 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/07/18
IS-MEMO-2018-006 July 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/06/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-007 Child Supplement Allowance - New Policy and Procedures
Questions and Answers
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-006 Emergency Prescription(s)/Drugs 10/07/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-005 Payment for AISH Medical Reports 08/06/18
IS-MEMO-2018-005 June 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 25/05/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-004 Cheques Policy 02/05/18
IS-MEMO-2018-004 May 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/04/18
IS-MEMO-2018-003 April 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/03/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-003 LISA District Office Codes 23/03/18
IS-MEMO-2018-002 March 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/02/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-002 Payment for AISH Medical Reports 23/02/18
IS-MEMO-2018-001 February 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message  25/01/18
IS-ETW/BFE-2018-001 Piikani Nation Grazing Leases Specific Claim Settlement Agreement Per Capita Distribution Payments - Income and Assets  24/01/18
IS-MEMO-2017-020 January 2018 Calgary Region Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 22/12/17
IS-MEMO-2017-019 January 2018 Edmonton Region Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 22/12/17
IS-MEMO-2017-018 January 2018 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 22/12/17

2017 Holiday Office Closure /
2018 Monthly Cut-Off Schedule for ETW/BFE Central Payments

IS-MEMO-2017-016 December 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 29/11/17
IS-MEMO-2017-015 November 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 31/10/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2017-008 PCD Payments from Agricultural Benefits Settlement Agreements - Treatment as Income and Assets 30/10/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2017-007 Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation - Exempt Assets (Schedule 1) 27/09/17
IS-MEMO-2017-014 October 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 26/09/17
IS-MEMO-2017-013 September 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 25/08/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2017-006 Assignment of Benefits 18/08/17
IS-MEMO-2017-012 August 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message - Calgary Region 28/07/17
IS-MEMO-2017-011 August 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 28/07/17
IS-MEMO-2017-010 July 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 28/06/17
IS-MEMO-2017-009 June 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 25/05/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2017-005 Appeals Secretariat Office in Edmonton  23/05/17
IS-MEMO-2017-008 Changes to the System for Payment Information (Cheque Information Line) and Tax Credit Information System 18/05/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2017-004 Mandate Alignment - Ministerial Orders 16/05/17
IS-MEMO-2017-006 May 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 21/04/17
IS-MEMO-2017-005 April 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 24/03/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2017-003 The Appeal Package 14/03/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2017-002 Ministerial Order - Clegg Class Action Settlement Paymets 08/03/17
IS-MEMO-2017-004 T5 Tax Slip for Income Support Clients 23/02/17
IS-MEMO-2017-003 March 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 23/02/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2017-001 Cheques 02/02/17
IS-MEMO-2017-002 February 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message  25/01/17
IS-MEMO-2017-001 Update to the Annual Report 19/01/17
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-023 Alberta Carbon Levy and Rebate 01/01/17
IS-MEMO-2016-019 January 2017 Direct Deposit/Cheque Message 16/12/16
IS-MEMO-2016-018 2016 Holiday Closure Payment Schedule and 2017 Monthly Cut-Off Schedule for Income Support and Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Central Payments 15/12/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-022 Opening a Bank Account with No or Limited Identification 26/10/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-021 Child Support Services - Case Management 13/10/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-020 Right to Appeal and the Appeal Process 23/09/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-019 Exempt Child and Adult Support 31/08/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-018 Alberta Child Welfare Class Action Settlement 25/08/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-017 Alberta Child Benefit - Income Exemption 25/08/16
IS-MEMO-2016-015 Extension of Employment Insurance Benefits 24/08/16
IS-MEMO-2016-014 Carbon Rebate 24/08/16
IS-MEMO-2016-013 Update - Potential Work Stoppage by Canada Post 08/08/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-016 Escaping Abuse Benefit (Household Start-Up) 09/08/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-015 Canada Child Benefit 29/07/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-014 Opening a Bank Account with No or Limited Identification 14/07/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-013 Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation 13/07/16
IS-MEMO-2016-011 Introducing the Canada Child Benefit - July 2016 30/06/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-012 Ministerial Order - Castle Mountain Land and Timber Claim Settlement Payments 23/06/16
IS-MEMO-2016-010 Making Changes to a Submitted Online Application for ETW/BFE 23/06/16
IS-MEMO-2016-009 2016 Monthly Cut-off Schedule for IS and AISH Central Payments 17/06/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-011 First and Replacement CPAP Devices 07/06/16
IS-MEMO-2016-007 Residential Addictions Treatment Allowance and the Salvation Army Transformations Program (Edmonton) 02/06/16
IS-MEMO-2016-006 Canada Post Temporary Mail Restoration Process 13/05/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-010 Persons Involved in Justice System 13/05/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-009 Debit Card Relief Funding 11/05/16
IS-MEMO-2016-005 Transfer of Fort McMurray Income Support Files 09/05/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-008 Ministerial Order to Exempt Retroactive Guaranteed Income Supplement Payments 04/05/16
IS-MEMO-2016-004 End-Dating Relationships Business Process 27/04/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-007 Clients Registered with Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) 04/03/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-006 Duplicate Payments 03/03/16
IS-MEMO-2016-003 T5 Tax Slips for Income Support Clients 25/02/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-005 Persons Involved in Justice System 18/02/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-004 Direct Deposit Form - Bank Stamp Requirement 29/01/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-003 Appeal Packages 15/01/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-002 Administrative Review 15/01/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2016-001 Indemnity Claim from a Financial Institution or Cashing Agency 12/01/16
IS-ETW/BFE-2015-014 19 Administrative Procedures
Payment Methods and Processes
Procurement Cards
IS-MEMO-2015-009 Holiday Closure 2015 14/12/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-012 Tsuu T'ina First Nation Income and Asset Exemption 26/06/15
IS-MEMO-2015-007 Mobius Release R15.2 18/06/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-011 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices 11/06/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-010 Authority to Grant Appeal Time Extensions 01/06/15
IS-MEMO-2015-005 Residential Addictions Treatment Fact Sheet 26/05/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-009 Change to Email for Health Related Personal Benefit Requests 27/04/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-008 Human Services Investigations 01/04/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-007 Termination of Alberta Centennial Education Savings (ACES) Benefits 01/04/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-006 Updating LISA Office Codes 01/04/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-005 Administrative Procedures - Substantiation and Verification 10/03/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-004 Information Sharing with Student Aid Alberta 04/03/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-003 Notice of Assessed Overpayment Letter 03/03/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-002 Funeral Benefits 04/02/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2015-001 Treatment of Children in Foster or Kinship Care by the Income Support Program 06/01/15
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-014 18 Overpayment, Debt and Recovery - Credit Balances 24/11/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-013 Persons with Immigration Status - Assessing Eligibility and Verifying Immigration Status 24/11/14
IS-MEMO-2014-012 Supplies of Home Parenteral Therapy and Enteral Nutrition 24/10/14
IS-MEMO-2014-010 National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS) Verification 30/09/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-012 Persons with Immigration Status - General Eligibility 30/09/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-011 Opening a Bank Account with No or Limited Identification 26/08/14
IS-BI-MEMO-2014-009 CCD and LISA Availability 25/08/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-010 Referencing of the Ministerial Orders in the Alberta Works Policy Manual 21/08/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-009 Further Clarification of Eligibility Requirements for Private Housing Rate 19/08/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-008 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices 14/08/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-007 Overpayment, Debt and Recovery 18/07/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-006 Support Agreement Regulation 01/07/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-005 ETW/BFE/Learner Investigation 02/05/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-004 Persons Involved in Justice System 01/04/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-003 Barriers to Full Employment - Client Sub-Type 43 Severe Handicap 28/03/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-002 Opening a Bank Account with No or Limited Identification 05/03/14
IS-MEMO-2014-002 LISA Bring Forwards 07/02/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2014-001 Income Support Eligibility for Spouses/Cohabiting Partners 06/02/14
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-021 The Income and Employment Supports Appeal Panel (formerly the Citizens' Appeal Panel) 17/12/13
IS-MEMO-2013-018 2014 Monthly Cut-Off Schedule for Income Support and Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Central Payments 02/12/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-020 Liquid Assets and Asset Exemptions 06/11/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-019 Duplicate Payments 06/11/13
IS-MEMO-2013-015 Residential Addictions Treatment Fact Sheet 18/10/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-018 Updates to Overpayment and Debts 08/10/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-017 Agreements to Provide Income Support to First Nations Members Living Off-Reserve 04/10/13
IS-MEMO-2013-014 New Optical Agreements 02/10/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-016 Youngstown Home Closure and The McCullough Centre Name Change (formerly Gunn Centre) 30/09/13
IS-2013-011 Rescinded Directives and Memoranda 30/09/13
IS-MEMO-2013-013 Ending of the Southern Alberta Flood Assistance Payments 30/09/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-015 Payments from the Red Cross and other Charitable Organizations for Southern Alberta Floods 24/09/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-014 Ministerial Order to Exempt Charitable Organization Flood Payments under the Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation 23/09/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-013 File Transfer between Income Support and Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Programs 20/09/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-012 Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation 14/08/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-011 Exemption of 2013 Flood Relief Payments and Compensation 31/07/13
IS-ETW-BFE-2013-010 Ministerial Order to Exempt Flood Payments, under the Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation 16/07/13
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